kí tự   Agarwood incense

Agarwood is precious wood which nature gives human. It is believed to help people who owns it to have source of extraordinary sacred energy, which is connected spiritual needs.

For long time, the incense is used in spiritual outlook on life, which is traditional beauty and present spiritual value....

Most Vietnamese use a burning incense to pray peace and luck and to express their thanks for forefathers on a dead anniversary, Tet holidays, back home or away time.

The pure incense burned will spread the light scent to create a pure, warm, dignified atmosphere, which bring good light and hope, exorcise evil spirits, shelter and help the soul calm down, towards holiness. In addition, incense also make the air fresh, reduce stress, help us sleep better and especially work to deodorize odors, mold or detoxify paint from the new house.


Therefore, agarwood incense products are now more and more popular and trusted. Kim Long International Joint Stock Company have the honour to introduce high-grade incense coils with the name " KimlongAgarwood " which is made from high quality agarwood powder with 100% Nature without impurities or chemicals. We commit to provide the high quality agar wood incense which purifies the environment and protects health.