kí tự   Agarwood jewelry

Jewellery made of Agar wood are not only gentle comfort, good for the health and well-being of the human but also help dispel the evil spirit, bringing peace and luck to the landlord. Agar wood Jewellery is a valuable item that acts as a psychic talisman which is believed It could make the users feel being protected.



Kim Long International Joint Stock Company is proud of being a large and prestigious company in Vietnam. We supply high quality Agarwood jewelry with many designs and types such as:

- Agarwood Bracelet, Agarwood Necklace, Agarwood Jewelry ...

- Premium Agarwood jewelry products covered with gold.

- High-grade jewelry...


We provide variety of special agarwood Jewelry with the name of “ Tram Huong Kim Long” which is origin in Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia...for your options, especially you will own the unique one.

We commit to sell the true product at fair price. All of our products are made  by skilful craftsmen with elegant and sophisticated style. We trust that each products will be a valuable gift which is believed to bring peace & luck to the owner.